My Mystery Itch

I’ve got an itch.

In fact, I think I’ve got the great grandfather of itches.

Last week I broke out in hives. The best theory I’ve heard was that it was caused by either heat, stress, or both and the doctors I saw while at the hospital early this week agreed that was probably the case. I mean, unless you live under an air conditioned rock you know the temps around here have been over 100 for most of the last three weeks or so. As for stress, I can name so many sources of that you’d think I was just trying to be difficult.

While I was in the hospital they fixed my dehydration problem and when I was feeling good, NOT itching anymore, and keeping solid food down again they let me go home.

The hives are still gone. Food is not a problem, I’m eating fine. I’m making it an extra point to stay hydrated and I’m keeping cool at all costs. I almost never go outside unless I have to.

In the last day and a half the itching started again. I’m itching everywhere. Yes. Even there. I’ve done everything I can think of to deal with it. Starting with trying hard NOT to scratch because I know that only makes the problem worse. I’ve taken extra showers, both hot and cold. I’ve tried every kind of soap and body wash I can afford to lay hands on. I have even spent hard to come by cash money for topical anti-itch medications.

The best results I’ve had so far was to get it down to a level I can deal with without going totally “itchpostal” (yes, that’s a word, I just now coined it.)

In truth though I’m no closer to a solution than I was at the beginning. I have not been exposed to anything different. I have never had any kind of skin or contact allergy. The only thing I’ve *ever* turned out to be allergic to is the dye that was used when I had a Heart-Cath a few years ago.

All I know for sure is that the problem is maddening. Sometimes even my fingers itch.

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2 thoughts on “My Mystery Itch”

  1. All-over itching like that indicates a possibly serious problem. I’d immediately seek medical assistance!

  2. It’s been under control for a bit over a week now. I saw the doc about it and he advised taking benadryl for it. That seems to stop it as long as I remember to take the things

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