Minecraft Needs Real Furniture

In the roughly fourteen months or so that I’ve been playing Minecraft the game has gone through a lot of changes. A lot of new features and new blocks have been added to the game, making it easier to build even more epic constructions than ever before.

However there is one aspect in which it is lacking. Furniture. Thus far the only actual furniture item in the game is the bed. Oh people do little tricks like putting a couple of signs on the side of wooden steps to make it look like a chair, couch or bench (depending on how many stairs are used) but you cannot actually sit in them.

Another commonly used dodge is to put a wooden pressure plate on top of a fencepost and use that as a “table”. I don’t see why we cannot have actual furniture instead of dodgy, mostly ugly, workarounds like that. I especially hate the “table” thing because if you bump into it or if there’s villagers or other mobs around it’s constantly clicking. How many tables do you know that click?

To be fair I’m not asking for a big time furniture store to be imported into the game. I don’t think I’ll have any need for big screen tv’s or racks and stands to mount them on. I do however want things like chairs I can sit in, tables and desks I can put things on, shelves I can put things on, Etc. Real stuff that can actually be used instead of just being there for looks.

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