2 thoughts on “TFC Modcraft -3- First Machines”

  1. this texture was the most upedatd pokemon texture pack i could find, and i really wanted this texture pack because i’m a huge pokemon fan. the other ones i found had tepig for pigs, which is so much better than slowpoke, cows were miltanks NOT cows like this one. i would really like spiders to be galvantula or ariados, the wolf to be mightyena, also, zombies should be a human-like pokemon sort of like sawk. i cant think of anything for skeleton. ghast, or zombie pigman. i tried to change the textures to the ones i like, but whenever i go on minecraft, it brings me to the GAMEFREAK/Mojang logo with the axew, freezes for 5 mins, then closes. i still cant find the folder its in to change it so i cant play minecraft right now. do you have any ideas on how i can fix this? thanks

  2. The best thing to do is make a backup of your worlds and then delete your entire .minecraft directory. Then run Minecraft and let it create a new one and re-download everything from mojang. Once you’ve done that stay away from that texture pack. It may give you a look that you like but obviously it’s doing far more than it should

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