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Another Ridiculous Rumor

August 8th, 2012 20:13 pm | by Ed |

Once again the rumor mills are hard at work generating more bogus "Bob sightings" and related rumors than you can shake a stick at.

One of the latest batch claims that Bob is being sued by the owner of a Virginia Beach nightclub. He claims that Bob showed up with several young women and proceeded to party.

Allegedly the "party" got so out of hand that much of the place was destroyed. The alleged owner of this allegedly damaged establishment is reported to be suing Bob for about five times what it would cost to repair everything and he's even gone so far as to use this as a chance to install some of the most expensive replacement windows virginia beach has to offer.

The rumor actually goes on for quite a bit longer, making an unusually high number of absurd claims about the evils that Bob is allegedly responsible for.

I wonder, does *anybody* check these things for at least *some* level of plausibility before passing them on?

Probably not.

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