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Why I Need a Burning Laser To Help Me Lose Weight

January 21st, 2009 19:20 pm | by Ed |

I've seen this video before but ran into it again this morning on stumbleupon and it got me thinking. Weird as it may sound, I think maybe I can justify building one as part of my plan to lose weight. At least, I'm sure gonna try. :D

You see I really do need to lose the weight. I currently clock in somewhere over 350 (no, I don't wanna know how far over!!!) and I'm fully aware of how not good for a person that is, especially since there is some heart related problems in my family history.

The big question is how to go about losing it. I know all the usual carp about diet and changing one's eating habits and that can even work.. up to the point three or four days in where you can't help saying F*** it! in the middle of the night and downing a couple thousand calories of "poor me" pity party food. At which point you obviously have to start over the next day.

I'm sure that anyone can tell that this is *SO* not a good way to go about things. I'm also aware that in spite of the claims of some, exercise is an important factor, you've got burn more than you take in or you're never going to lose any significant amount of weight. That's where the treadmill comes in. Start out slowly and over time build endurance until one is walking a mile or two on it every day.

Treadmills are handy because you can walk as far as you want while staying in the comfort of home. The problem with a treadmill however is that it's boring. It's deadly boring. I moved mine today out of a bedroom where it never got any use at all out into the living room where it's *almost* in the way, facing the tv. I figure that if nothing else, I can watch a movie or something as I walk.

I know me however, sooner or later that's not going to do it. This is where the burning laser comes in. I figure that if I build the thing and actually get it to work, I can have a little fun with it. I could fill the room with balloons and use the laser to pop one whenever the cat gets nearby.

On the other hand, I could just give the poor little guy a break from something he doesn't deserve and set the balloons outside tied between a couple trees or something. Then after making sure the window glass is perfectly clean and dry, use the laser to pop a balloon anytime there's a neighbor, mailman or what have you outside. Maybe I could even hang books of matches along with the balloons and use the laser to fire 'em up, again when there's people outside just to make 'em wonder.

It may not be the most constructive use of such a device, but it would sure be entertaining enough to keep me on thet treadmill long enough to do myself some good. In any event, here's the video with very clear instructions. Looks to me like it'd be fairly easy to do.

Laser Flashlight Hack

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