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Over The Edge

August 23rd, 2012 14:53 pm | by Ed |

One of my many rather odd neighbors went completely over the edge the other day. At least that's how I view what happened. Other opinions may vary depending on the individual point of view of course but I'm only talking about my opinions.

I first heard something was going on when I heard yelling outside. After a while I was both curious and irritated because the yelling was distracting me from something important that I was working on at the time so I finally quit trying to fight my way through the distraction and went out to find out what was going on.

It turns out that the person doing the yelling was Frank N. Stein (yeah, I've heard ALL the jokes about his name, honestly (dare I say "Frankly"?) they got old and annoying a LONG time ago), He was in his front yard four houses down on the other side of the street. (he's got a powerful voice)

He was yelling himself purple at some poor unfortunate victim in his front yard. I didn't bother going over there because one he gets a good head of steam up he'll flatten anybody around and I wasn't in the mood.

What I did get from it however is that apparently when he was at the gym earlier that day he had somehow misplaced a pendant that he wore for luck. To say the very least, he was upset about it. He was accusing the person of allowing somebody to steal it. Apparently the person being yelled at was a representative of the gym trying to solve the problem.

Frank was describing the pendant, going into detail about every feature. The part that I heard was "and it's on a gold box chain, not a bag chain and not a rope chain. It's not a tow chain or a toenail chain. It's not silver, turquoise or stainless steel, it's gold. 24 karat solid gold."

He went on like this for another ten minutes or so but you get the idea. He was just nuts over this thing. Mind you I totally understand how something can be really important and losing it can be a total disaster. I've a few things like that myself. But this kind of display in front of the entire neighborhood is only going to convince people that you're a total, complete, utter loon.

Late the next day I heard that no less than five different pendants that matched his description in at least some ways were found on his doorstep. Clearly some people were terrified and wanted to calm him down at all costs.

His house has been quiet since then. One would almost say too quiet. He's not been going out or doing any of his normal activities. This is not a good sign.

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