I Hate My Lawn

Really. I do.

There was a time when I found mowing the lawn to be a relaxing pastime. One that allowed me to get something accomplished while still being able to think about things while I was doing it. It also gave em some much needed exercise while walking back and forth across the yard.

Things have changed a lot since then.

Now when I mow the lawn I have to use a weed eater for the entire job because my lawn mower stopped working several years ago. What makes this even more special is that this year I have not been able to get the weed eater started no matter what I try.

A few oh so helpful people have suggested all kinds of things to try that might get it started. So far none have worked. I’ve removed and cleaned everything that I can, made sure that the threaded inserts where the fuel lines attach are clear of obstructions and yeah, it’s got fuel in it.

Still no matter what I do the thing simply refuses to start. Meanwhile my grass is now almost three feet tall and it’s only a matter of time before either the city or my landlord start getting after me to get it cut.

How I’m going to do that remains a mystery. The weed eater won’t start and I cannot afford to pay somebody else to do it.

In short. I’m screwed.

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