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Background Not Found

September 17th, 2012 22:16 pm | by Ed |

One of the (too) many "Bob rumor" that has been floating about lately is a particularly unlikely bit of excrement that claims Bob is going into business as a "employeee security specialist". Which means that he would be doing background checks and such for employers that want to check people out before they consider hiring them.

There is, of course, a problem with this. Several problems in fact however I think that the one main problem with it is that Bob himself would probably not pass any kind of a background screening himself. The big reason for this is that, aside for his almost pathological fascination with "Babes Of Star Trek Gone Wild", he doesn't really *have* much of a background.

Oh there's a few bits and pieces here and there but for the most part Bob's life is an open book, albeit an almost empty one.

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