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She Wants What?

September 21st, 2012 20:46 pm | by Ed |

My newest next door neighbor, the guy that's into doing yoga in his front yard at four a.m. with hard rock blaring was asking me where he might go around here to get some fancy schmancy custom designed army shirts that his wife was after.

It was all I could do not to laugh right then and there. Stuff like that is the kind of thing that you might find in every mini-mall you walk into but out here in the sticks of Nutjob Hills it just isn't going to happen.

Now if he'd been looking for farm equipment, pickup trucks or cheap trailer hitches then I could have easily told him a few good places to look. All he'd have to do is talk with the locals and make with his best "good old boy" act and he'd not only find what he was looking for but if he was convincing enough he'd get a pretty good deal as well.

But fancy custom shirts? nope. You'll not find big city crap like that around here. We go for plain but functional stuff that is made to last. It may not look all fancy like stuff sold in big citys but it doesn't have to be replaced nearly as often.

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