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A Girl Named Moly

September 26th, 2012 17:41 pm | by Ed |

What's In A Name? Plenty and depending on the name, a lot of that can be trouble.

Moly is a nice enough girl, average in most respects except for her name. She introduces herself as "Molly" and spells it Moly because she hates the name she was given. You see, her parents are physicists that specialize in metallurgy and they have some odd ideas about what makes a good name. When their daughter was born they considered their options for naming for a full two weeks before finally giving her a name.

They named her "Molybdenum" after the metallic element of the same name which is often referred to as "Moly" for short. Most people don't think anything about her name as long as she can get away without having to give her full legal name. Then they get confused and she gets embarrassed and angry, especially after she has to explain just what "molybdenum" means.

Finally as she reached her eighteenth birthday she decided to do something about it once and for all. The trick was doing so without her parents finding out before she had gotten the name change finalized and legal. This included having to explain the correspondence she was getting from slane and slane, which she ended up telling her parents was a florist offering assorted sales and deals for the upcoming high school graduation instead of the law firm that was handling the case for her.

I'll say this for her, she proved nicely that if you want something bad enough you'll work hard to get it. She did just that. Worked all summer and as much time after school and on weekends as she could until finally she had the money to pay the lawyer and court fees to get her name changed.

She ended up changing it to "Moly". In the end her parents finally did understand and were happy that she kept the abbreviation of her original name as her new one. The big thing for her was that once the new name was legal, she could use it officially and not have to explain why she signed "molybdenum".

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