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Odd Contraption

October 12th, 2012 20:11 pm | by Ed |

Ralph was always a bit odd. He had some really strange ideas about things that he thought somebody should invent. He always swore that someday he'd figure these things out himself if nobody else did.

Then not long ago he kind of disappeared. As in nobody saw or heard from him for over three weeks. Then one day he drove up in front of the Nutjob Hills Diner in the oddest looking vehicle.

It looked more like a caterpillar than a car to be honest. The biggest, strangest thing about it is that it did not appear to have any wheels. Naturally I wasn't the only one to notice this and after several people asked him he said that he used about ten thousand large hole beads instead of wheels. Hearing this I just had to ask how power was transmitted to them from the engine since no transmission or rear end that I'd ever heard of would have been able to do it.

"Oh" he replied. "That's where the suction cups and electric toothbrushes come in."

Nobody knew what to make of that and in spite of repeated questions he would not answer further.

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