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High Speed Rodent

November 3rd, 2012 11:00 am | by Ed |

One of the interesting and very consistent things about the rumormongers that continue to create and spread the totally bogus rumors about Bob is that they rarely if ever pay attention to important details that make their rumors quite impossible.

For example a recent rumor states that Bob has become involved in motorcycle racing. The rumormonger says that after following the events of last season's races Bob has decided to join the action and start winning races. He then lists a whole raft of equipment that Bob has allegedly bought during a recent visit to fox racing. They also allege that Bob has bought not one but five new motorcycles that he is now having customized for racing.

One thing about the rumormongers can be seen here. The excess. They can't have Bob allegedly buying one of something. No, it has to be more than any reasonable person would ever need at any one time.

Then of course there's the matter of size. Bob is about four inches tall. The idea of him operating a motorcycle is, to say the least, laughable. I also rather doubt that any machine made for his size could possibly compete with the full size human operated models.

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