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Not With A Name Like That

December 7th, 2012 20:33 pm | by Ed |

Once again yet another improbably stupid rumore about Bob has surfaced (It seems they're naturally buoyant which makes them extra hard to drown). This one claims that Bob is now a big time Real-Estate agent in, of all places, Kentucky.

The rumormonger who started this insists that the one best person to go when searching for homes for sale louisville ky is Bob because he's got some kind of a lock on all of the best places and prices.

This is unlikely in the extreme of course. If only because I once heard him say that he would never live in a place that is spelled "Louis Ville" yet pronounced "Louie Ville" or worse yet, "Lua Vull". Because such things drive him nuts in the worst way.

Bob firmly believes that words and names should be spelled the way they're pronounced and vice-versa. I have to admit that I tend to agree with Bob on this one. This business of spelling it one way and pronouncing it another way tends to make my OCD flare up big time in a really crazy making kind of way.

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