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JailBird Bob?

December 11th, 2012 18:53 pm | by Ed |

I kinda doubt it. In spite of that there are several rumormongers that seem to enjoy insisting that the reason for Bob's disappearance last year is that he was arrested and has since been fighting an assortment of legal battles.

These rumormongers (I can't call such a thing by a personal pronoun, I don't consider rumormongers to be quite human) make various claims ranging from his being arrested for non payment of parking tickets (Bob doesn't drive) to saying that he's recently retained an nc appellate attorney in an effort to overturn a conviction that sent him to federal prison for having an extremely cynical attitude.

I'll grant that his attitude is very cynical but in this day and age how can one NOT have a cynical attitude? Besides which, opinions can't send you to jail. (acting on certain opinions can, but having an opinion, regardless of what, is ok.)

Perhaps rumormongers could be arrested for impersonating humans?

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