New Tactic

So once again yoga guy has changed his tactics, though his ultimate goal is still to have hideous loud ‘music’ playing at four a.m. while he does his thing on his front lawn.

Having met with a surprising level of failure in trying to lure the worst musicians in five states to play simultanious yet separate concerts in his front yard he’s grudgingly decided to start looking for a few actual good musicians as a way of ‘priming the pump’ as he put it.

So he’s started out with guitar players. He has had something of a challenge in finding anyone willing to work for him because it seems that word of what he’s doing and why has spread around (I wouldn’t begin to know how that happened) and only the more desperate of musicians will now try out for him.

However the way these things go is that given his determination he’s managed to find a few decent musicians including one guy that’s reputed to be the best baritone guitar player in this part of the country. He’s been very careful however to not reveal the exact nature of the job he has for them until he’s got them obligated by means of a contract that would cost thousands in lawyer fees to get out of.

He’s also added an extra feature to his contracts. A non-disclosure clause that prevents anyone who signs it from revealing anything about the job to anyone for any reason with the sole exception of a court order. This way he’s come up with a way to at least slow the spread of rumors about the horrid mess of sound he’s going to require them to create.

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