In spite of the obvious problems that it presents, especially to those in the local neighborhood that like sleeping in the wee hours of the morning like normal folks do, yoga guy’s persistent quest to create the ultimate noise fest concert in his front yard has been strangely beneficial to the local economy.

His auditions and promises of good pay for bad music has inspired quite a number of people to suddenly decide to take up a musical instrument and abuse the hearing of all around them.

One of the most popular choices is of course the guitar. literally hundreds of people of all descriptions have recently made this choice to attempt living out their teenage rock star dreams.

The store that has thus far had the most benefit from this is a small-ish music shop about a block down the street from Moe’s Beanery and Doughnut shoppe. He heard about yoga guy’s search for musicians early on and that he wasn’t looking for good ones at all. It didn’t take him long to set up a promotion with posters and rock concert pictures plastered across the front of his store promoting his line of cool discount guitars. These guitars are of course not exactly the kind of thing that a serious musician would even want to be seen in the same room with, let alone play but they’re more than good enough for the dozens of people who seem to have the idea that they’re going to get rich from yoga guy’s scheme.

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