The Call

Harry felt pretty good as he left the courthouse. The last of the North DC Cigar Club had just been sentenced to ten years for selling harmful addictive substances. His testimony had been key in convicting this crew and the trial had gone off without a hitch.

As he entered the parking garage his cell phone rang. “Mr. Montone?” the voice asked. “Yes”, Harry replied, stopping dead in his tracks. Montone was one of his aliases, this call was business.

The voice went on, “I’ve been informed that you’re a discreet collector, known for keeping his sources private.” “I am” Harry replied, “I’m also very busy. What have you got for me?”

“I believe you would be interested in a cohiba cigars sale, There will be some rare prizes for sale.”

“Yes,” Harry replied, “I would indeed. When and where?” The voice gave him a time and the room number in a local hotel and hung up.

Harry put the phone in his pocket and got out another phone. He quickly dialed a number. A rough voice answered “Yes?” “I just got the call I’ve been waiting for. We’re in.” He repeated the time and hotel information, waited while it was read back to him and hung up.

Another smoking club was going down.

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