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Same Rumors, Different Day

February 8th, 2013 20:54 pm | by Ed |

Once again there's been yet another flurry (or perhaps better termed "excrement storm") of rumors about Bob. As usual they turn out to be just as factual and reliable as most of them have in the past.

The thing is that once in a while one comes along that is purportedly from a source that most people would normally expect to be reasonably reliable at least. Most of the time though this turns out to not be true. As in the case of a rumor that was allegedly from a well known raleigh wedding photographer.

Upon looking into it just a tad more closely it quickly became obvious that the photographer in question has never even heard of Bob, let alone said anything that could be considered starting a rumor about him.

That part is easy to believe but that he's never heard of Bob? I thought everybody knew about Bob.

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