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Excremental Rummor

February 11th, 2013 10:46 am | by Ed |

Again there's more rumors about Bob floating about. Rather like turds float in a toilet bowl before you flush it. The rumors smell just about as nice.

In one of the rumors in this latest batch some wit has decided to spread the idea that Bob is once again getting all musical and has taken up the tenor saxophone, specializing in modern Jazz.

Obviously there's problems with this as usual. For one thing the rumormonger responsible for this bit of excrement forgets that Bob could never play a sax. In fact, he'd be much more likely to build a small home inside the blasted thing than to play it.

The rumormonger goes on to claim that not only has he become quite the tenor sax player but that he has somehow managed to "wear out" several mouthpieces from using them so much and because of that has invested in a case lot of Morgan mouthpieces to make sure that he never runs out of them. Exactly how one would ever manage to "wear out" a mouthpiece is quite beyond me but that's the claim made by the rumormonger.

You can see why I consider such rumors to be "excrement".

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