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Tater Ball

February 19th, 2013 14:47 pm | by Ed |

The other day I was returning from a trip to the grocery store when I saw yoga guy in his front yard rolling around on what looked for all the world like a gigantic greasy tater tot.

Just out of pure morbid curiousity I had to find out what the heck he was doing and what that thing that looked like a tater tot really was. He was matter of fact about it, saying that it was a "enviromentally friendly biodegradeable yoga ball" When I said that it looked very much like a gigantic tater tot he agreed that it did kinda look that way. The reason was that his "yoga ball" was actually made from about 150 pounds of potato that had been shaped into a ball and deep fried in peanut oil until it was solid through to the center.

As I walked back to my house I couldn't help thinking that he was going to be in for a record invasion of cockroaches, mice and other vermin as that "yoga ball" thing started to "biodegrade" a heck of a lot sooner than he seemed to think it would.

All I can say is that rubber is a natural substance and people use it for things like that for very good reasons. Not the least of which is that it won't turn into a homing beacon for vermin.

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