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Eh? Wot?

March 6th, 2013 21:32 pm | by Ed |

That's the response I had the other day when somebody was trying to convince me to loan them twenty bucks (which I didn't *have* to loan out even if I was willing to do it, which I was not).

My utterly eloquent question was in response to this person telling me what they so desperately needed the money for. Apparently he desperatley needed something called a "capo".

I recovered a moment later and clarified that I had no idea what a capo was let alone why anybody could possibly need such a thing.

This was apparently a mistake because the financially desperate young man then proceeded to tell me that a capo is a kind of clamp that you put on the neck of a guitar to clamp the strings down.

I told him that didn't make sense considering that the strings are what makes the sound. Clamping them down would kinda make them useless. He replied by saying that it doesn't silence them. Instead it changes the sound, making it easier to change the key that the music is played in without having to learn a new arrangement. He went on to say that the very best guitar capo was a spring loaded clamp on device that can be quickly moved to a new position or removed entirely if it's not needed for the piece being played.

After sitting still and patiently listening to this explanation that I didn't want to hear in the first place I told him that even if I were willing to loan money to somebody I hardly know (which I am certainly not!), I didn't have it to loan. These days all of my money is essentially spoken for long before I actually have possession of it.

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