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Bob's Appliances?

March 30th, 2013 22:14 pm | by Ed |

Once again there's another spat of rumors about Bob. Why this continues after all this time is quite beyond me but it does.

This particular set of rumors are all centered around the familiar theme of Bob going into business. This time the majority of them are claiming that he's getting into the food service industry. Specifically, supplying equiment to restaurants and fancy schmancy home designers looking to trick out a kitchen to the max with stuff that most people will probably never use.

The rumors continue to claim that he's put together quite the warehouse full of every sort of pot, pan, utensil, countertop, worktable, machine and appliance that anyone could ever even consider putting in a kitchen of any description or size. It specifically claims that he's got the absolute best selection of mixer lifts that can possibly be found anywhere on the planet. Personally I can't help wondering just exactly why the majority of rumormongers spreading this excrement all made it a point to go out of their way to mention this single fact.

Then again, why do rumormongers do anything?

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