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What's In Your "Junk" Collection?

February 19th, 2009 12:49 pm | by Ed |

Everybody's got a "junk" collection. Look in any kitchen and more than likely you'll find at least one drawer or shelf that's used as a place to store all kinds of miscellaneous stuff that tends to collect over the years. In it you'll find different kinds of batteries, screws, nuts & bolts, a few odd tools such as screwdrivers, pliers & such. Odd kitchen utensils that are rarely if ever used and so on.

However if there's anyone in the house that's tech / computer oriented you'll find another, somewhat more exotic junk collection.

My own "junk" collection has grown enough over the years that it doesn't all fit in one spot and so parts of it are all over the place. In my center desk drawer for example, I've got all kinds of misc bits of paper.. old wally world receipts, batteries (some ni-cad, some alkaline, and at least two of the lithium "watch battery" types that are used to power the CMOS memory on a motherboard), I've got about a dozen sticks of computer memory ranging from some notebook computer memory that I bought by accident because I didn't see the "S" in the part number, some pc-133 memory, a bunch of 16MB 72pin SIMMS, a couple of 4MB 72pin SIMMs and assorted small tools.

Then in another drawer I have a collection of computer power cords, three old motherboards (only one of which still works), a variety of PCI cards and several old boxes of 3.5 inch disks.

In the closet is even more stuff, jars of various kinds of screws used for mounting motherboards, floppy drives, hard drives, CD Rom drives, a couple of AT power supplies, an old AT form factor computer case and two boxes of 5.25 inch floppies.

In a storage shed I've got an entire Tandy Color Computer 3 system (that still works!) including a monitor and several external disk drives (external was the only kind that computer ever had. It didn't come with disk drives originally), one of which is an old 720K DSDD 5.25 inch drive that can still read the disks I have in the closet inside.

Who knows what I'll have in the "junk" collection in 20 years? At the very least, it ought to be an interesting collection.

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