Associative Thought

I don’t honestly know (or care for that matter) if that’s actually a real term or not but that’s how I label a lot of how I think. Somebody says something and my mind makes a lot of connections to other, often unrelated, things.

For example the other day I was at the Nutjob Hills Diner and happened to hear yoga guy talking to another of his prospective “musicians”, saying that he had just bought a dozen rogue amps at Guitar Center which meant that his band would have all of the amp connections they could ever possibly need on concert day.

Now I know what he was really talking about but when I heard “rogue amps” my mind immediately presented me with a number of odd visual images.

One in particular was a cartoon-ish scene in which a group of amplifiers with spindly stick-man style legs got up from a stage floor in the middle of a concert. As the unidentified band stopped playing in surprise as they pulled the plugs from the instruments and microphones the amps began talking to the musicians.

They demanded better treatment, cleaner power supplies, proper cushioned storage cases for moving from site to site and so on.

The biggest demand involved the fact that they didn’t like the music that this band was playing. They insisted that the band switch from death metal to classical Mozart and Beethoven.

Who would have thought that amplifiers had good taste in music?

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