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The Good Luck Piece

June 1st, 2013 21:07 pm | by Ed |

Harry is a most fortunate man. It seems that no matter what he does or what the situation is, he somehow manages to come out of it better off than when he started. Even in situations where most of us would lose our shirts, he comes out with at least a small profit.

He wasn't always like this however. In fact he used to be one of the biggest hard luck cases to ever set foot in Nutjob Hills. According to him the credit goes to his grandmother. She gave him a hundred year old Golden Eagle Coin. While a lot of people would have rushed to collectors to sell such a gem Harry didn't. Instead he trusted her word that this was a most fortunate coin and that as long as he owned it and kept it safe he'd have good fortune in all he did.

As a result only harry knows where that coin is. He's got it tucked away in some very safe location and has never even once given in to people wanting to see it. Many have asked and he's always polite but firm in saying no.

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