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My Front Yard Has An Excellent Memory

February 23rd, 2009 22:14 pm | by Ed |

Seriously, it really does. This is because somewhere in my front yard is a four gigabyte flash drive that was lost early last December. It happened because of carelessness on my part and the fact that it wasn't one of those that can have a lanyard or key chain attached to it.

If you've ever lost something as small as flash drive in a largish front yard you'll know how very nearly impossible it is to find again. Especially since about a week after it was lost is when the trees in my neighborhood decided to drop their leaves. In the space of just a few days I could almost swear that 80% of the fallen leaves on my street were in my front yard.

At this point I decided that there was no point in even trying to find that flash drive. Oh, I'll keep an eye out for it but given the time that's passed and the leaves, storms and high winds we've had around here since then it's pretty unlikely I'll ever see it again.

So that means it's time to start shopping around for a replacement since I've found the devices to be incredibly handy for moving files from one computer to another. I've been looking around for a really good deal and tonight I think I've found one on the weekly deals sale page.

The one I think I've settled on is a Kingston 8GB DataTraveler. For one thing, it's got twice the capacity of the one I lost. For another, it's got the Kingston name behind it. I've heard nothing but good things about Kingston memory devices for years. Not only do they make quality stuff, they stand behind it too.

Then there's the price. You just can't beat it (at least *I* couldn't). Y'see, the 4gb unit that I lost ran about $20 or so. This thing normally sells for around $60 when you buy it from Kingston or most computer outlets. I have no idea how they managed it, maybe they bought a million of 'em or something, I don't know. has them selling for 71% off of the regular price ... $16.99! And you get free shipping to go along with that.

Hello? Mcfly?

Finally there's the feature that the old unit should have had but didn't. The case on this one has an opening on one end that allows you to attache a lanyard, key chain or even a string to thing so that you don't end up losing it like I did!

At the risk of sounding corny I'll say it anyway. Rocks!

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