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It's A Bit Early For Christmas Decorating

July 20th, 2013 21:27 pm | by Ed |

Seriously. It's early summer, the temperatures have been averaging about 95 degrees every day for weeks now and yet in spite of this there's several people around Nutjob Hills that are already planning their Christmas decorations and shopping.

I heard a few of them talking at the Nutjob Hills Diner the other day about how they were planning to decorate. One guy was going to build an entire "Christmas-town" village in his front yard and had already started ordering a mess of lemax stuff for it. He's not just planning a few houses but an entire small city of houses, shops and factories.

Another guy it talking about building the ultimate manger scene complete with about two dozen live animals roaming around loose.

I think this is going a bit extreme even for Nutjob Hills. I'm doing good just to keep the lawn mowed in this heat. Forget all this nonsense about (over) decorating for a holiday that's almost six months away.

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