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More Crazy Rumors

July 28th, 2013 08:37 am | by Ed |

Why is it that so many people accept rumor as fact? It seems rather obvious to me that if somebody makes a claim with no form of substantiation at all then there is little to no reason to believe it. The more outrageous the claim the less likely it is to have anything to do with the truth.

One example is a recent collection of "Bob rumors". One rumor claims that Bob has been setting up corporate offices in North Carolina where he is planning to base what is supposed to become an multi-national conglomerate worth billions. A related rumor expands on this by claiming that Bob has based this whole plan on the ability of one raleigh corporate lawyer, Frederick Krugerian III who allegedly has a reputation for being extremely cutthroat and effective in his dealings.

A third rumor attempts to clarify by saying that Krugerian is also something of a business genius and that people who have followed his advice have become nightmares to their competition.

The truth of the matter however is that none of this is real. Not even Mr. Krugerian. It's all just part of the dreams of a person who knows that none of this is real and that they're really wasting their time having all these rumors created.

Yet in spite of that they continue to do so.

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