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August 27th, 2013 21:02 pm | by Ed |

Something odd is going on with Joe-Bob. He claims that he hasn't slept in over a week.

This is a whole lot more than just unusual, it's downright peculiar. You see, Joe-Bob has always been the guy most likely to be found catching a cat-nap. From his very first days of school teachers have had the hardest time keeping him awake in class.

This continued on through his very short stay in college and in all of the many jobs he's had since then. Let him find a comfortable looking place and he's off to dreamland regardless of where he is or what he's supposed to be doing.

Understandably curious I asked him how this change came about. He said that the salesman that everybody else in town has been trying to avoid (he's the really super pushy one from Chicago back on "vacation") sold him an anti fatigue floor mat. Joe-Bob decided the second he heard the name of the thing that it was the answer to his problem.

He claims that as long as he can stretch out on it for about five minutes every few hours that he no longer needs ANY sleep.

Personally I think he's managed to convince himself of this but that sooner or later the simple biological need for sleep will kick in and he's going to crash harder and longer than he ever has before. I mean we're talking Rip Van Winkle time here.

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