The Antique

While everyone waited for Joe-Bob to crash when the physiology of sleep finally caught up with him not much happened in town. Until that is “Axe Man” found something in the attic of the house that he bought last summer.

He’s called “Axe Man” because of his love of electric guitars. He’s actually pretty good and for the most part knows his stuff. Not only that but he’s one of the few actual respectable musicians that won’t accept any of yoga guy’s attempts to get them to play horrible music at obscene volume levels during his four am “exercise” sessions.

Anyway. Axe Man was all excited about what he found. Apparently he had been putting off the job of cleaning out that attic so that he could use the storage space. In doing so he found, neatly packed away in a worn but well taken care of case, a fender 50’s road worn telecaster. He says that this guitar is one of the one’s that made the music of the 50’s sound as good as it did and that finding one in as good condition as this one is in is unheard of.

I think that regardless of how good the thing is that he should have kept it to himself. There’s been over two dozen people trying to get him to sell it already.

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