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Most Facebook Social Network Users Complacent About Terms Of Service

March 1st, 2009 17:17 pm | by Ed |

I'm sure that most people have at least heard about the recent Consumerist article about changes that the Facebook social network made to it's terms of service that essentially meant that Facebook owned all data, images, Etc that users put on their Facebook pages and that it generated quite a bit of backlash.

While Facebook did eventually go back to their original terms, It's surprising that there weren't more people expressing concern about how their new terms of service were going to be written. It seems to be pretty obvious that most Facebook users only care after Facebook goes over the line and until they do, the overwhelming majority of their users couldn't care less about what the terms of service said. And then only because the people that really do care made it a point to get intensely vocal about the change in the terms of service, expressing their dislike for that change to Facebook and anyone else that would listen.

I read thatFacebook actually took the unusual step of promoting a "Facebook Town Hall: Proposed Facebook Principles" group on their homepage yet, in spite of that, less than 10,000 people joined. Another Facebook Town Hall about the "Proposed Statement of Rights & Responsibilities" has had something like just over 9,000 people join. Given that there are more than 180 million Facebook users, the impact of the current responses to their new terms isn't what you'd call substantial by any stretch.

The obvious problem with this is that If response remains this low, there's every chance that users are not going to have very much effect on what the new terms end up being. So if you're one of that 180 Million plus Facebook users, it's probably a good idea if you pay closer attention to their terms of service and watch for those town hall groups and make your voice known. It's kinda like voting, if you have the opportunity to participate and don't, you have no place to stand and disagree with the results.

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