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BobMail Inc?

November 30th, 2013 21:01 pm | by Ed |

Yet another of those senseless rumors has surfaced, proving once again that rumormongers have zero idea of the concept of "when to quit", especially considering that there's zero reason for them anymore.

This latest gem involves Bob allegedly going into business. The big difference this time is that instead of involving a brick and mortar storefront or an internet concern of some kind the rumormonger claims that Bob is using direct mail.

The BS-Claim goes on to say that he's used for cheap catalog printing to create a paper catalog that will then be mailed to millions of households world wide. The catalog allegedly offers a variety of products ranging from rubber dog turds and plastic vomit to Goa'uld ribbon devices and Jaffa staff weapons.

Where they get inspiration for insane rumor plots like this I'll never understand.

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