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The Hopeful

December 5th, 2013 20:54 pm | by Ed |

Surprising as it may sound, there's a lot of people that get their hopes up pretty high when yoga guy talks to them about playing in one of his "concerts". The biggest cases are those of people who have heard about how "easy" it's supposed to be to get paid to play for this guy.

One example is a kid that, after an afternoon listening to yoga guy talking to people about playing in his concert, decided that this was his big chance to make the big time.

I heard him talking about it the next day at the Nutjob Hills Diner. Seems that all he had to do was find an affordable epiphone zakk wylde les paul custom plus bullseye and learn to play "The William Tell Overture" on it . . . Backwards.

He was convinced that if he could do that he would be the next big hit in Nashville.

Somehow I think he's got those hopes jacked up just a bit too high.

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