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Targeted Advertising Coming To A Cable Network Near You?

March 8th, 2009 01:27 am | by Ed |

It seems that television advertisers are coming closer than ever to realizing their dream of being able to serve different ads to different people based on demographic information much like Internet based advertising is more often than not targeted in various ways.

It means that two different people watching the same program on the same channel provided by the same cable network could end up seeing entirely different advertisements. One person might be seeing ads for the best weight loss pill to come along in years while somebody else might be seeing an ad for high end consumer goods.

Ad targeting isn't in and of itself necessarily a bad thing. What does present a problem is how sure are they that peoples information, collected by companies like Experian, not only stays as private as possible but that advertisers (or anyone else!) are unable to reverse engineer the data and tie specific things to a particular individual and allow them to identify that individual.

In my opinion I think the whole thing needs to go back on the shelf until they can give the viewing public assurance that their information and identities are safe from intrusion from advertisers. Let's face it, Advertisers want two things. They want as many people as possible to watch their advertisements and then to run right out and buy their product.

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