Right Idea, Wrong Detail

Aside from a very little bit of messing around on the piano as a kid I’ve never actually learned how to play any kind of muiscal instrument. Even the little I’ve done on piano is entirely self taught guesswork. The idea of being able to read music and actually play something the way it’s supposed to sound is something I’d love to be able to do but that takes lessons, time and a certain dedication.

Some ten or more years back I had a growing interest in learning to play the tenor sax. I’ve always loved the sound of it and eventually I reached the point where I wanted to give it a try.

I spent a lot of time over the next year reading about and “window shopping” entry level instruments and “learn at home on your own” style courses. My wife had over time given me the impression that she was supportive of the idea.

It turns out however that I have to wonder. It didn’t take long for her to decide that it would be better to start out with a clarinet and once proficient with it, then go for the sax. This hinting started out slow and gained momentum over time. I’m not sure even now how it ended up this way but I eventually found myself going along with this and looking up things like synthetic clarinet reeds reviews at music123 and “window shopping for clarinets.

Not only that but eventually I ended up owning a clarinet and books & such to go with it.

I ended up sinking something over $125 into something that was NOT what I wanted when I could have gotten the sax that I did want for around the same money or even less if I was careful shopping.

After a few weeks of trying to make do with the clarinet it was put away and never heard from again. To this day it’s still in it’s case in the corner.

Maybe someday I’ll try the sax again and this time I’ll not allow myself to be derailed into getting something else.

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