Bob Tells All

At least according to several rumormongers that’s the working title of a book that Bob is allegedly writing in which he “tells all” about an amazing variety of topics and personalities.

Thing is, it’s bull, a total waste of ink and paper. Another thing is that the rumormongers can’t even seem to get their stories straight. One claims that it’s being self published with Bob paying a printing shop in new york a handsome sum to produce two million copies, several others claim that it’s been picked up by various large pubishing houses. Few of them even seem to agree on which publisher will be dealing with it.

Then again, it doesn’t really matter. Bob has never met President Kennedy, he’s never even been to vietnam, couldn’t play ping pong to save his live and wouldn’t know a shrimp boat if it introduced itself. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ridiculous things that the book claims about his allegedly amazing life.

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