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November 21st, 2007 22:24 pm | by Ed |

I'm about a day and a half into the new node experiment. Starting out with a new node identity and an empty 25 Gib data store.

Current snapshot of the node’s state;

Data Store:
Maximum size 25 GiB
Used space 778,124 KiB
Free space 25,436,276 KiB
Percent used 2
Total keys 16540

# Histogram of node versions in fred's Routing table
# Nov 21, 2007 10:28:58 PM
# nodes: 167
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5100 1
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5102 3
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5105 4
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5106 30
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5107 128
Fred,0.6,1.51,60277 1

Connections open (Inbound/Outbound/Limit) 79 (37/42/2000)
Transfers active (Transmitting/Receiving) 9 (4/5)
Data waiting to be transferred None
Total amount of data transferred 2,005 MiB

Node performance is exactly what I'm used to in terms of freesites loading, frost messages being retreived & inserted and in the insert progress of a file with Fuqid.

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