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Affordable Terabyte Hard Drive No Longer Just A Dream

March 11th, 2009 14:59 pm | by Ed |

I've recently gotten restarted on several video projects and because I'm still stinging a bit from a disaster a few months back that caused the loss of roughly 200 gigabytes of files when windows chewed itself to pieces taking the boot records and partition tables on my 250gigabyte hard drive with it, I'm naturally interested in some kind of "just in case" measure.

So I did what's fast becoming an automatic reaction these days, I checked out the sale page and started looking at what they've got in high capacity had drives. It didn't take me long to come up with the best possible option in the Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition hard drive array.

It's basically an enclosure with not one but TWO 1 Terabyte drives in a RAID 1 array and some backup software. Of course, I figure the best way to make the most of it is to get a third terabyte drive and use it for the main system drive with the backup array keeping mirror copies of everything.

It's kinda cool really because I remember that it doesn't seem all that long ago that anything with a 1 terabyte capacity was something we used to joke about because nobody knew how to create a drive that big. What's almost weird about it is that in two or three years I have no doubt that nearly everybody will have them and the bar will have been raised to five or ten terabytes.

In the meantime, not only does this thing have awesome capacity, it's made by Western Digital which is one of only a very few names that I trust in hard drives. Plus, WD has been around since almost the beginning and they've got an excellent track record.

Most of all I love the pricing on it. It's actually priced so that nearly anyone can have monster capacity. Definitely my newest preferred choice in high capacity storage media. I'd really appreciate the knowledge that if something happened to my main drive, there'd be a full backup of everything. It'd give me the freedom to do all the video work I want without needing to crack open several boxes of DVD's to hold my backups. I'd rather save the DVD's for completed projects instead.

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