Crazy Sale

Nothing spurs a person on to do more than even a little bit of success. Yoga guy’s recent sales efforts have actually seen some success. His campaign to sell guitars at a discount to people who agree to perform in one of his “concerts” has actually gotten him several new performers.

Given that success, he’s decided to expand the program to include other instruments. Specificaly, all known brass and woodwinds, concert pianos and m-audio keyboard units. Thanks to this it is now possible for nearly anyone to join in and create staggering levels of sleep depriving sleep that continues to leave a full two thirds of the population of Nutjob Hills in a groggy stupor from lack of rest.

I’m just glad that he has to limit the number of people performing to what will fit in his front yard. I’ve made it clear that anyone that so much as steps into my yard by one centimeter will be prosecuted for trespassing

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