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Movie Review: I Am Legend

March 13th, 2009 07:32 am | by Ed |

I'm sure that there's plenty of people looking at this wondering "why review this one only now?". Well, it may be yesterday's news to most people but I only got around to seeing it last night thanks to Netflix.

I've been wanting to see this one since I first heard about it long before it came out. Not only has Will Smith been a long time favorite of mine, the trailers all looked great. Well, it's been a long time coming and I'm sure that I'm the only person in the free world that hadn't already seen the movie by now.

In any event, here's my thoughts on it....

The whole "last man alive" thing of course comes straight from "The Omega Man". Wildlife encroaching on the cities as our lone survivor goes about his daily routine. He's looking for other people, he's looking for supplies and most of all, he's looking for a cure for the "miracle cancer cure" that went horribly wrong and turned most of humanity into mindless creatures that resemble a cross between a zombie and a vampire that's overdosed on a horrible mixture of diet pills, testosterone and hair remover combined and delivered in an ten gallon vat of Coke with a case of Mentos thrown in for good measure.

These guys look THAT bad and their attitude is worse (oh yeah, their skin burns when exposed to natural sunlight or UV light). All traces of humanity are gone. All is as good as it can be until our hero is caught in a trap set by the zombie-vampires (apparently they're not completely mindless after all). He escapes (barely) with his life but his dog was bitten while fighting off the zombie-vampire-dogs that attacked them. Not long after, our hero has to kill the dog because he turned.

Understandably, this leaves him in a pretty sad shape and he loses it for a while, driving around looking for the buggers. He's nearly killed in the process when he's rescued. In his rescue the monsters are led to his hideout and they attack.

Near the end, he discovers that his last attempt at a cure is successful. He gives a vial of blood from a cured zombie-vampire to the woman who rescued him and then uses a grenade to blow the crowd of monsters, and himself, to kingdom come.

I have to say that it is without any doubt, the best work I've ever seen Will Smith do. I also have to say that I will *never* watch this movie again. The only thing is lacked was a way for his character to live through that last battle.

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