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He Is Out To Get Me

March 2nd, 2014 21:11 pm | by Ed |

I don't know why but I am certain that yoga guy is doing this whole entire noise campaign specifically to get to me in some way.

I know it sounds paranoid to think that this entire campaign of audio horror has been aimed specifically at me but I believe it nonetheless.

It's a bunch of little things. Like when he heard that because of my hearing and tinnitus, certain high pitched sounds are wasted on me, he changed the composition of his "orchestra" to eliminate instruments that land mostly in that range of sounds.

Instead he made it a point early on to order six dozen aria bass guitars from musicians friend because he had figured out that I can not only hear but feel most bass frequencies and that they can have a number of effects on me (all bad I might add).

I don't know the full reason for his crazy campaign but part of it is definitely aimed at me.

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