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March 21st, 2009 11:51 am | by Ed |

Over the last year or more I've been getting more and more involved in making videos and learning how to do various special effects. I even managed to figure out how to do the Star Trek TOS style Transporter effect in this video.

Thing is though, there's a LOT more potential than that one. Part of the difference is in the software being used. For that video I did it with a combination of Windows Movie Maker and Wax 2.0. Wax is a great program (not to mention Free!) and is capable of a lot. However I'm always haunting Sale pages looking to find new (to me) programs that can do more.

Recently I've had an opportunity to play around with Sony Vegas and it's a very capable package, except that it's not primarily intended for special effects. Yes, you can do a lot with it, but it does have some limits as to what you can do with just that program by itself.

Then I saw this FX video. It's a clip showing some really cool FX, several of which I still have not yet mastered. After doing some more looking around on YouTube, I figured out that this clip and the effects in it were done with Adobe After Effects.

So now my new video goal is to get a copy of Adobe After Effects and spend all my spare hours learning how to do even more special effects and coming up with ways to work them into my videos.

Here's that FX video that inspired me to want Adobe After Effects:

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