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November 22nd, 2007 21:41 pm | by Ed |

Something over two days in and the datastore is beginning to fill out to a percentage greater than one.

Data Store:
Maximum size 25 GiB
Used space 1,255,116 KiB
Free space 24,959,284 KiB
Percent used 4
Total keys 3126

The routing table is also shaping up pretty good. It now knows about 225 nodes that it has connected to

# Histogram of node versions in fred's Routing table
# Nov 22, 2007 9:38:22 PM
# nodes: 225
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5100 2
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5102 3
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5105 6
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5106 42
Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.51,5107 171
Fred,0.6,1.51,60277 1

And of course, traffic and number of connections is at normal levels
(current uptime is 9 hours 36 minutes since last reboot)

Connections open (Inbound/Outbound/Limit) 105 (66/39/2000)
Transfers active (Transmitting/Receiving) 14 (9/5)
Data waiting to be transferred 75 Bytes
Total amount of data transferred 714 MiB

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