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A Real Loser

May 9th, 2014 21:37 pm | by Ed |

If there was ever actually such a thing as a "born loser" then Harry would be it.

Not that I have anything against Harry. Quite the opposite, he's a decent guy. He means well and he really tries his best but no matter how hard he tries, anything he has he will eventually lose.

Not only that but he is singularly incapable of finding what he's looking for. If he's searching for his glasses he'll find absolutely everything in the house EXCEPT his glasses. The other day he was searching online looking for some blank DVDs and found health insurance rates instead. I mean each and every search he tried returned information about health insurance rates for the top twenty results.

This has plagued him all his life. As a kid he never found the prize in the cereal box. Though one time he did find some junk mail addressed to somebody in Pasadena and another time he found what looked like some used carburetor parts.

The day that he actually finds anything that he is looking for is thought by many to herald a sudden catastrophic drop in temperatures throughout all regions of Hell.

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