Salvaging Data From A Dead Laptop

Not long ago I had the problem of a laptop dying because of some manufacturers fault in the motherboard, bios, cpu or all of the above. In any event, it was getting harder and harder to get the thing to boot up at all, so last time it did boot I got out a flash drive and copied about 16 gigabytes of stuff off of it’d hard drive before the machine went down again.

I’ve spent the last three weeks or more trying to get it to boot up one more time but I believe that at this point it’s pretty safe to say that the machine is finally done for and it’s time for me to start looking for a replacement on Sale someplace as soon as the dollars pool in sufficient numbers to make that possible.

Problem is, there’s still some stuff on the now officially defunct laptop’s hard drive that I’d like to recover. Plus, just as a matter of principle I either want to use the drive myself, or subject it to a secure wipe before selling it to somebody else. Taking the drive out of the computer I discover that it doesn’t use the standard IDE connector, it uses something with a few more pins and a lot smaller. I get why, in a laptop space is at a premium and everything has to be as small as possible, but it’s annoying as hell when you want to connect the drive to a desktop machine.

I’ve looked at several stores, online and off, only to discover that most have never heard of an adapter that would let this thing connect to an IDE cable, others simply don’t have one.

Then just tonight on buy dot com I found a “Laptop Hard Drive Adaptor to Desktop” and next week when a few more dollars find their way to my paypal account I’m buying it.

I have to say that every time I shop or browse, I’m impressed by the scope of stuff they’ve got and the prices they sell for. In any event, I’m satisfied. They had something I’ve been looking for all over for weeks now. Maybe next time I’ll just look there first eh?

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