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Virtual Actors Needed

April 3rd, 2009 21:55 pm | by Ed |

In my various efforts at making videos I've run into one somewhat serious limitation. For the most part, There is a serious shortage of actors for several projects that I have in mind. This leaves me with one option, animation.

The idea is that if I'm short of human actors, which is true most of the time, then animated actors can be used. A combination of animation and text to speech can provide me with at least a halfway passable substitute for real human actors, not to mention studios and set construction.

The problem is doing this on a *very* short budget. I've been doing the search engine dumpster dive looking for freeware solutions and haven't found much yet. One possibility is the xtranormal "if you can type, you can make movies" site but while I have played around with it some, it's extremely limited. The actors can't move and if you want them in color, they look like lego people. This might be fun for some things but entirely no good for others. Plus, I haven't found a way to download the creations, instead I have to use a screen capture to grab a copy of what I create. So that's a firm, no Sale, it's entirely too klunky.

Another option that I've found is called CrazyTalk by Reallusion. It's got a LOT of potential, especially for animating any picture I feed it. I've seen some examples of it on YouTube and it's great, can do quite a lot. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to shell out $150 to get it, and the trial version is limited in function, has a 15 day limit and leaves a watermark on the resulting video. Not good.

Then I found Allume Anime Studio v.5.0. I hadn't considered using Anime style characters but that's not a problem. The software looks to be fairly powerful and could very likely do a good job until it became possible to get something more "heavy duty". Not only that, but based on what I've found in searches, it's an absolute steal at $40!

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