E-010 PLEXed – TFC Plays EvE Online

On my sixth day in New Eden TheSinfulcola surprised me with the gift of a PLEX (30 day Pilot License EXtension. This means I was able to activate the account and in so doing I received several gift items that CCP was givin out to every new account created during the month of the 10th anniversary of EvE Online.

Note: I still have that Gnosis and the Sarum Magnate. Neither ship has ever been undocked and While I’m not normally an OCD collector type, I’ll probably never undock either of them.

After that, I get back to working through the career tutorial missions.

Oh yeah, for some reason after the first five minutes or so he audio is total silence. It wasn’t like that on my end, I did NOT use any copyrighted music (the only sound is whatever Eve includes, my commentary and a couple of sound effects I’ve used in scene transitions for years without incident). I tried re-uploading this twice and it came out the same both times.

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