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Some Windows 7 Users Will Have XP Downgrade Option

April 14th, 2009 17:30 pm | by Ed |

According to a recent article on ZDnet that I just now got around to reading Windows 7, like Vista, will have a "downgrade" option.

However, leave it to Microsloth to restrict that ability. Apparently, only "volume license users" will be able to exercise this option. The rest of those who end up stuck with 7 are going to have to fork over hard cash to get that ability.

Personally I think that, just like vista, it's going to be a much better idea to avoid the hassle and just skip seven altogether. I know *I* am sticking with XP on my desktop machines and after the nightmare experience I've had with vista on my laptop, I'm seriously thinking about at least converting it to a dual boot with either Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Mandriva which I've heard plenty of good things about but haven't had a chance to work with it at all.

(note to self, get a Mandriva Live-Cd and check it out)

I honestly think that we're at a point in computer history where Microsloth's stranglehold is losing it's grip. I've seen a lot of talk in recent weeks about not only individuals, but both small and larger businesses moving to linux because of the money they can save by not having to shell out to Microsoft.

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