Didn’t I Just Say . . .

I know I was just talking about technical terms and music. I know that I made it pretty clear that when it comes to music I’m not really the least bit interested in all the technical details about how something works, the gory details of what it does or anything else other than the *basic* function that it does and that it actually works when I plug it in.

Yet the virtual ink on that was hardly dry when along comes another situation where I’m bombarded by a boat load of technical information that, to be blunt, I don’t need.

You see the external speakers I use with my laptop because it’s internal speakers are a joke need to be replaced. They’re well over ten years old, I’m all the time having to adjust the positioning of the wires until they’re in just the right position to work and so on.

I don’t know or care to know the details of the circuitry that makes them work, I only care that most of the time these days they don’t work.

The problem is that I mentioned this to Joey the other day. He was just here, telling me about this thing called an elx215 that would be the ultimate speaker system.

He then went into painful detail about why it was so perfect. Finally he got around to showing it to me on the web.

I’m sure it’s a great speaker but really. Tell me who is going to use a thousand dollar speaker system for externals on a laptop?

Now if I had a band and was putting together a concert or if I was one of those people that love to always have music going with the most perfect quality possible then sure… this would be the thing to get.

Of course, I’m not that guy. I hardly ever listen to music outside of the background tracks used in movies and videos.

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