Guidance For Those of Us Without A Clue

That’s what is to be found at the “Tips for Guys” section of the Bella True site. Frankly, I really wish that I’d run into something like this a little over 13 years ago. It would have saved me a whole lot of trouble.

You see, when I first got married, my wife knew that I tended to be a little bit clueless at times but it wasn’t long before she found out just exactly HOW clueless I could be.

We were married in late October. I managed to get through that first Christmas without much trouble since we didn’t have much money at the time and both of use knew better than to expect anything major. Then came new years and Valentine’s day and again I squeaked by. I thought I was doing ok with this getting gifts for that special someone thing. Little did I know how little I knew.

That April her birthday was coming up. There was something (I don’t even remember what anymore now but it was some household thing) that she’d been talking about getting. I knew that she really wanted this thing badly. So, being the utter genius that I was, I managed to go out and get it for her birthday.

That’s when I learned that if you’re going to give a woman something like that, you DO NOT give it to her for a birthday, valentine’s day, Mother’s day, or any other significant holiday. That’s the kind of thing you spring on her simply because it’s Tuesday or something like that.

The “important” days like birthdays & such have to be reserved for gifts that have nothing to do with usefulness or practicality. This is the time to go all out on something with no useful value at all other than the fact that she likes it. A new vacuum? NO! earrings or any kind of jewelry. A perfume she really likes (especially if she has trouble finding it)


If, on that ill-fated birthday I had gotten her something like this instead of the thing that I did, That whole day would have been a lot better.

All I can say at this end of history is:

Guys, if you don’t have a clue, admit it to yourself and talk to friends, check that site. You don’t have any idea how long you have with her so make every occasion count. I wasted several opportunities and now the time is past and there won’t be any more ever again on this earth.

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